The Use of IP Addresses and Cookies

To improve the functionality and performance of this website and to provide a more personalised user experience for our clients, we use technologies such as cookies. Cookies are small text files which are widely used for the following reasons: 

  • To track the frequency with which users visit a website and monitor how long they spend on particular web pages. 
  • To enable websites to store and recall a user’s personal data for more personalised, convenient browsing, for example shopping baskets, delivery addresses and payment information.  
  • To deliver more relevant content to users based on their browsing history. 

The information collected by cookies is statistical and does not enable us to identify you as an individual. It is our standard practice to hold this information for no longer than three months. You can manage your cookie preferences by manually changing the settings on your internet browser. Note that this may result in you being unable to utilise some of the features of our website. If you do not change the settings on your browser to reflect your cookie preferences then we will presume that you consent to the use of these technologies when visiting our website.