Introducing Mod-U-Lok – the latest product range from Unibox that has been engineered in direct response to the new and unfamiliar challenges presented by a rapidly-changing world.

About Us

It is a reimagining of tried and tested technologies that enables businesses of all types to access reconfigurable, extendable and ultra-flexible structures that are both straightforward to specify and simple to install.

We embrace a straightforward, principled approach to our work and strive to provide clients with well-informed advice that is guided by our experience and creative spirit at all times.

Following recent investments in the infrastructure of our production premises, we now have access to an additional 9000ft² of factory space and pioneering new manufacturing machinery, both of which mean we are equipped with the capacity needed to meet tight deadlines and remain within budgets whilst making no sacrifices where quality is concerned.

Our Story...

Mod-U-Lok is another representation of Unibox’s values and our team’s commitment to delivering affordability, quality, ingenuity and sustainability. It makes it possible for our clients and partners to make future-oriented investments that will stand alongside their businesses time and time (and time) again.


Unibox is a world-leading manufacturer of aluminium-based display systems, exhibition spaces, architectural lighting installations and retail concepts. Our team offers over 30 years of design experience, a wide range of machining capabilities and unique LED lighting knowledge.